Greencloud - The green cloud simulator

Greencloud is a sophisticated packet-level simulator for energy-aware cloud computing data centers with a focus on cloud communications. It offers a detailed fine-grained modeling of the energy consumed by the data center IT equipment, such as computing servers, network switches, and communication links.

GreenCloud can be used to develop novel solutions in monitoring, resource allocation, workload scheduling as well as optimization of communication protocols and network infrastructures. It is released under the General Public License Agreement and is an extension of the well-known NS2 network simulator.

Greencloud as been elaborated in the context of the GreenIT and ECO-CLOUD projects.

Key features

  • Focus on cloud networking and energy awareness
  • Simulation of CPU, memory, storage and networking resources
  • Independent energy models for each type of resource
  • Suport of virtualization and VM migration
  • Network-aware resource allocation
  • Complete TCP/IP implementation
  • User friendly GUI
  • Open Source



Download GreenCloud documentation: User manual or Developer guide (pdf, html)




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