Greencloud - The green cloud simulator

GreenCloud virtual machine

The following link enables the download of virtual machine (Ubuntu) with GreenCloud simulator installed.

This VM contains:

  • Default Ubuntu installation, with many extraneous packages removed
  • TCL, TK, OTCL, TclCL built from source
  • TK, OTCL, TclCL packages are installed from Ubuntu APT repositories
  • NS2 and GreenCloud installed from source by diff & merge process
  • Eclipse with the NS2/GreenCloud project already set up
  • Web-based GUI interfact (http://localhost)


It is assumed this VM will not be used in any security-sensitive way, and as such is treated as if it were a single running application, with no special security measures taken.

The 'greencloud' user (password is 'greencloud') is the only registered user on the system. It is an Administrator account and is set to log in automatically on startup.


To run the test simulation:

  • cd ~/greencloud-*
  • ./run

To do a debug session in Eclipse:

  • Open eclipse
  • Open the "Debug" drop-down menu (upper left, with the same bug icon)
  • Select "ns" from this menu
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