Greencloud - The green cloud simulator

How to install GreenCloud Simulator

GreenCloud simulator is an extension of NS-2 network simulator. It comes as an archived source tree, or as a pre-configured VM, which works with VirtualBox and VMWare Player. The VM also includes a pre-configured Eclipse environment, so it is the easiest way to download GreenCloud and start running simulations and/or modifying the source code.

If you are building GreenCloud on a non-VM machine, here are the basic instructions:

  1. Download GreenCloud
  2. Unpack the downloaded software. It comes already integrated into NS-2 source code.
  3. Navigate to the extracted directory.
  4. Run ./ to do a full installation (it should work on any Debian-based system with a 3.2+ kernel, i.e. Ubuntu 12.x and higher).
  5. Execute the simulation script from GUI (http://localhost) or by running ./run script.
  6. View the dashboard by opening show-dashboard.html.
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